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Embracing the Power of Diversity: Fostering Inclusion in the Workplace


It is widely reported that organisations maximize success when their workforce is optimised. When you have the right gathering of minds and energies, then everyone with the capability and desire to contribute and excel can confidently do so.   

In celebration of Pride month, it’s especially important to remember the role of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. By fostering a workplace that values diversity and inclusion, we not only honour the LGBTQIA+ community during Pride Month but also contribute to a more harmonious and progressive society all year round. 

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Studies have shown that diverse teams are more creative, innovative, and better equipped to solve complex problems, which helps LotusWorks achieve the core value of excellence. 

Committed to a People First ethos, LotusWorks feels diversity and inclusion are driven by the culture in the workplace. This means that the company prioritises the well-being and development of employees, recognises that a strong team made up of individuals is the key to success, which aligns with the company’s core value of teamwork. As part of this commitment education is paramount in embracing change in the workforce to ensure everyone understands the importance of diversity and inclusion and how it impacts them, their teams, and the business, for the better.  

How does LotusWorks champion diversity and inclusion?

  • LotusWorks has over 650 employees with over 20 nationalities originating from an array of different countries including Israel, USA, Ghana, South Africa, Pakistan, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Brazil, Poland, Lithuania and India. 
  • The company’s social media channels play a vital role in demonstrating diversity and inclusion. Featuring diverse employees, including those from different ethnicities, genders, ages, and backgrounds and through celebrating diversity events including PRIDE, Ramadan, Thanksgiving, the company is actively demonstrating a true reflection on the diversity of ‘Life at LotusWorks’. 
  • Year-round, with our dedicated HR teams, we work to encourage year-round inclusivity by implementing frameworks including Great Place to Work methodology. 
  • In addition, our HR teams ensure that the LotusWorks Equality & Diversity Policy and the LotusWorks Equal Opportunities Policy are understood and implemented by all employees.  
  • Each year during the month of Pride, we host an LGBTQIA+ webinar to educate and reinforce the message of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.  
  • Director Emer Conroy is one of three LotusWorks Directors which demonstrates the company’s commitment to championing Women in Leadership. 


By embracing diversity and promoting inclusivity, companies like LotusWorks are helping to create a workplace where everyone feels valued, respected and safe. This not only benefits individual employees, but it also contributes to a more positive work culture, higher employee satisfaction, and ultimately, better business outcomes. Together, let’s celebrate Pride month (and every month) by recognising the importance of diversity and inclusion, and continuing to work towards a more equitable and accepting workplace for all. 

To find out more about ways LotusWorks embraces a diverse and inclusive culture and workforce, click here

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