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Datacenter Mission Critical Commissioning

Datacenter owners benefit in two ways from LotusWorks; through the commissioning of the facility during pre-design, design, and construction phases to being commercially operational and delivering expert operations and maintenance teams. LotusWorks’ commissioning approach and our experience in mission critical environments, means the clients we partner with experience risk elimination and minimised re-visit times on facility systems and equipment during commissioning.

To ensure Datacenter availability, LotusWorks’ commissioning activities focus on verifying that critical support systems namely the power system, cooling system, and IT infrastructure, are designed for maximum uptime

Systems Experience

  • Commissioning of Electrical and HVAC systems that support mission critical datacenters including but not limited to: (MV) Medium Voltage Switchgear, ATS’(Automatic Transfer Switches), 480V Switchboards & Motor Control Centres, 3MW Transformers and Emergency Generators, PDUs (Power Distribution Units), RPP’s ( Reactor Power Panels), Aggregate Reactors, UPS’ (Uninterruptable Power Supplies), Rack Busway, AHU’s (Air Handling Units), CRACs (Computer Room Air Conditioners), Cooling systems, Water Pump Skids, Heat Exchangers, Humidifiers, Transfer Fans, Exhaust Fans and all associated BMS systems
  • Experienced working on Datacenter owner facilities of 3.2million sq. ft across eight campus buildings   

Project Scopes Include

  • Management and project engineering support for all commissioning and QAQC activities in a live mission critical facility
  • Third party CxA management, vendor management, QAQC, scheduling, preconstruction planning, project closeout, incomplete utility systems at the time of testing
  • Pre-commissioning field reports
  • Factory acceptance tests
  • Equipment interfaces understood and tested
  • Commissioning lists
  • Issue resolution meetings

Levels of Commissioning Involvement

LotusWorks’ most successful projects to date have been those where our expert technical teams were involved in all five levels of the commissioning process.​

Commissioning will lower the risk of failure and ensures the system works as an integrated whole. By performing phase 5- Integrated Systems Testing (IST), the entire facility is tested under full load and in failure scenarios and all components and systems verified. The facilities projects we’ve completed are fully commissioned – tested in failure, safety, emergency & unplanned test modes.

Benefits experienced when engaging expert Datacenter Commissioning Teams

Planning and Project Management: Projects experience fewer change orders, delays, and rework, avoiding the considerable costs of late occupancy, liquidated damages, extended equipment rentals, and other costs associated with delays – less deficiencies through L1 – L5

Integrates System Testing: LotusWorks perform sophisticated processes and tests to verify that all facility components work together as an integrated system. The client experiences comprehensive data capture on the integrated systems, ensuring traceability and managing equipment/instrument lifecycles

Risk Elimination:  Enhancing risk elimination by addressing installation quality issues ensures less change orders, fast issue resolution, and eliminates project delays

Experienced Technical Teams: LotusWorks also provide Operations & Maintenance teams who can hit the ground running due to familiarisation of the facility, instruments and equipment after the commissioning process has concluded, allowing datacenter sustaining work to be carried out quickly and efficiently

LEED Certification: Commissioning is a requirement for LEED certification. The LotusWorks LEED accredited teams can assist clients in creating energy efficient facilities and meet environmental standards

Top Quality Commissioning

“This is one of the best installations I have seen yet. All parts of the commissioning process were met. From our pre-walk inspections and punch-list to the final inspection. A pleasure to work with! Please extend our appreciation to your team.”

Chief Electrical Inspector, Client Datacenter Facility

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