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Contributing and giving back is part of the LotusWorks ethos


Contributing and giving back is part of the LotusWorks ethos, we support various charities across the US.
In the past few months, LotusWorks has played a major role in two particularly special fundraisers in upstate New York, where LotusWorks staff are working on some major projects.

More than $4,500 was raised at the beginning of June for the American Diabetes Association when eleven LotusWorks staff cycled 50 miles as part of the 2015 Saratoga Springs Tour de Cure. Each of the eleven team members raised at least $100 in donations with LotusWorks donating a further $100 per team member. Darren Bardin, who was team captain, said the support he and his colleagues received on the day was exceptional.   He  added: “We had an amazing day out, the weather was great and were all in good form. The event was really well organized and despite the ride being tougher than we were expecting, all 11 of us stayed the course.”

Most recently, more than 200 people played their part for the Make-a-Wish foundation as they attended the 7th Annual Tech Valley Golf Tournament organized by M&W Zander at the Saratoga Springs Golf resort in Malta. More than $1 million has been raised for the charity since the event began and LotusWorks has been proud corporate sponsorship partners for the past three years.

James Casey, President LotusWorks USA said the company was proud to play its part for such an honorable charity.
He said: “This is a really special year, we saw monies raised since the event began reach the $1 million mark. That is really terrific to witness and LotusWorks is proud to play their part. “Contributing to Make-a-Wish means children with life threatening medical conditions and their families get to make some fun memories, it’s a truly worthy cause and a really terrific annual charity event.” Charity work holds a strong place in the hearts of those at LotusWorks, and the company is constantly encouraging staff to contribute in any ways they can. LotusWorks looks forward to continuing this trend far into the future and hopes to raise even more money for various worthy organizations across the US.

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