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Commissioning greener Datacenters with LotusWorks


LEED Gold certification has been awarded to a Datacenter client project

LotusWorks was responsible for and completed all commissioning activity to LEED Gold standard, on a recent data center built by a leading multinational data center provider. The LotusWorks datacenter client are committed to delivering best-in-class datacenters to help people and organizations reduce their impact on the environment.  The client submitted the project for assessment to the independent USGBC LEED program and welcomed the news that it has achieved LEED Gold certification for the datacenter build project.

The USGBC – U.S. Green Building Council aims to help transform the way buildings are designed, built and operated, to ensure environmentally and socially responsible environments. LEED- Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a green certification program for building design, construction, operations and maintenance governed by the USGBC. From the outset, the LotusWorks datacenter client was committed to delivering a sustainable, green facility, the datacenter project took a €300M investment and is 182000sq ft.

The LotusWorks commissioning team were involved at the early design stages of the datcenter build and had the opportunity to advise on key areas of the build to ensure that datacenter Owner received the sustainable buildings it envisaged. The project included one building with 17MW total capacity as well as an administration area and the build was completed over a two year period.

The datacenter client submitted the detailed documentation required to meet LEED criteria and recently received LEED Gold standard which included the fundamental and the enhanced commissioning of the datacenter. When performed properly, fundamental & enhanced commissioning practices greatly improve building energy efficiency and extend the facility’s lifecycle.

Achieving the LEED Gold Standard was never a given- only when the systems within the datacenter meet demanding sustainability requirements will they be certified. Best-in-class solutions are required to help design datacenters that are energy-efficient- the buildings need to use less water than average builds and are often increasingly powered by wind, solar and hydro power to help meet green criteria. While LEED certifications take energy efficiency into account, they also have a keen eye on the overall impact on the environment and social responsibility- things like recycling programs, natural lighting, heating and cooling and using green materials and proper waste segregation in the construction phase.  During the Commissioning phase opportunities were identified to minimise power wastage through intelligent sequencing of mechanical and electrical testing.

Commissioning facilities to LEED criteria requires an enormous amount of technical skill and knowledge that technical expertise exists within the teams at LotusWorks and it is coupled with extraordinary communication skill, making LotusWorks the “go to” company for mission critical facility clients.

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