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Shana – Chemical Gas Technician


“I walked off the Navy ship on a Friday & then into the client site on Monday”

Before beginning her journey in the semiconductor industry, Shana worked in the administrative industry for sixteen years. After this role she enlisted in the US Navy for four years. “Joining the Navy was always a dream of mine and at 34 I decided to enlist. I loved serving and being out at sea on the ship,” said Shana. Despite how fond she was of her role in the Navy, after four years she found it too hard being away from her two kids – “sometimes I was away from my kids ten months at a time”.


Shana’s military experience enabled her to obtain her next role as a Gas Technician in a semiconductor facility located in Manassas, Virginia. “I literally walked off the Navy ship on a Friday and walked into this semiconductor facility on Monday.” With a new career plan in place, Shana then decided to go back to university, and she successfully completed her Associate of Science in Information Technology.  Shana worked for the semiconductor household name company for six years until an opportunity to work closer to her home came up with a company called Aerojet Rocketdyne. Here, she worked for two years before beginning her journey with LotusWorks, it was an opportunity she couldn’t refuse. “I had experience working within the Gas Team for this semiconductor client site but never from a commissioning perspective; I always wanted to gain experience with work base builds from the ground up. It was an opportunity I couldn’t refuse.”

Despite never having worked on the commissioning side of client facilities, Shana’s experience working within the Gas Technician space prior to coming on board with the LotusWorks Team really stood to her – “There were a number of familiar faces that I recognized from my previous role, and I was able to ask for advice when I needed it”. Asked if she found it difficult transitioning from a role in the Navy to working within the semiconductor industry Shana said “I enjoy a challenge and I found that skills like communication, adhering to deadlines and problem-solving were transferrable to the semiconductor industry. It wasn’t my first experience not knowing where I was going”. LotusWorks is committed to the professional development of all employees. Knowledge sharing, on-the-job training and mentoring/coaching are key elements of life at LotusWorks for all employees from induction right through their career journey.

Chemical Gas Technician

Speaking about LotusWorks, her team and the work she does, Shana comments about how fast paced, interesting and exciting her work is. “I love the fact that my job and day-to-day responsibilities are not repetitive. No two days are the same, I never know what I am walking into. It is nerve-wracking but exciting. I love the commissioning space. There are so many opportunities, and it is something that I want to further my career in”.

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The changing nature of the industries that LotusWorks operate in has seen an increase in the number of employees coming from industries such as automotive, administrative, military and construction, where their skills are transferable. The LotusWorks Talent Acquisition Team recognise the value and potential of individuals who have varied skillsets from different disciplines and portray the characteristics of a LotusWorker. Employees with experience in different areas can bring new perspectives, knowledge, and ideas to the LotusWorks’ team.

LotusWorks currently has over 650+ employees across the globe; click here to learn about becoming a LotusWorker.

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