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Celebrating Thanksgiving in 2020


Thanksgiving 2020 is going to be different – restrictions on travel, visiting relatives, and gatherings in general, means that Thanksgiving will be much quieter than usual. LotusWorks Director, James Casey who is based in Boston USA gives his thoughts on why even in 2020 LotusWorkers are still being thankful together, even when apart:

“Thanksgiving has always a special time here in the US to spend time with family and friends and enjoy some well-deserved time off work. This year it will be notably different, restrictions have meant travel isn’t possible, and seeing loved ones may not be an option. I’ve spoken to a number of LotusWorkers and a lot of our people, among many others in the USA, are impacted by covid-19 travel restrictions.”

One of LotusWorks’ core values is teamwork, and even during a pandemic, this value is standing strong within the company.

“While many of our people cannot travel outside of their state to meet friends and family, I’m proud to say LotusWorkers are banding together on the day and making sure people aren’t alone. Teamwork is a core value at LotusWorks, and it is something we hold central to everything we do, whether that be the work we do in partnership with clients or supporting one and other during the holidays.”

Although thanksgiving this year will be different, James believes there are positives and reasons to be thankful:

“This year will be difficult for many people and many will be meeting in smaller groups, but it’s important to remember it’s all quality time regardless of numbers. The message to our people is simple – take this time to relax, be safe, and reflect on the previous year.”

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