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Semiconductor – Commissioning / Start Up Service

Sector/Industry: Semiconductor

Location: Manassas, Virginia

Project Duration: March 2020 – present

Solution: Fully Managed Commissioning & Start-Up Service

Project Description:

Our client is a world-leading producer of computer memory and computer data storage. LotusWorks was tasked with developing and delivering the commissioning process of our client’s 115,000 sq ft cleanroom expansion on a greenfield site in Virginia. The LotusWorks team have been involved with this project from the outset, developing and executing the commissioning plan, implementing the various processes, and developing pre-commissioning and functional acceptance test scripts.  They are currently working through start-up and commissioning phase ensuring the client facility confirms to design and operates to the highest levels of efficiency and safety.

Project Services

  • Complete management of pre-commissioning and commissioning activities
  • Development of commissioning plans tailored to client project requirements
  • Management of energization commissioning procedures
  • Field observations during construction
  • Management and training of client staff in accordance with best practice
  • Development and integration of Functional Acceptance Tests (FAT’s)
  • Integrated systems testing to verify that all facility components work together as unified systems
  • Execute Functional Acceptance Tests of facility systems, which include:
    • Cooling Tower & condenser water systems
    • Chillers and Chilled water system
    • Boiler and heating hot water systems
    • CDA compressors and Dryers
    • MV and LV Electrical substations and Switchgear
    • Makeup Air handlers
    • General and Fab Exhaust fans and ductwork
    • Scrubbers and VOC units
    • Variable Frequency Drives


  • LotusWorks strategic approach at the design / pre-commissioning phase has ensured the removal of design faults, the quick identification of obstacles and minimises any disruption to the end-user experience
  • The involvement of the LotusWorks team has ensured the project stays on budget and experiences fewer delays and reworks
  • The client experiences maximised efficiency in equipment operations resulting in long haul energy savings through analysis and continuous improvement
  • LotusWorks extensive data capture system provided our client with a clear, rounded view of their equipment performance and as a result, was shared with other client facilities globally
  • Ensuring the project achieved the first 3 milestones on time as systems were commissioned and controlling to FAB specs.
  • Safety and pre-commissioning good catch programmes implemented onsite has positive impacts

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