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Datacenter – Construction Engineering Support

Sector/Industry: Datacenter
Location: Oregon, USA
Project Duration: August 2018-Ongoing
Service Offered: Construction/Engineering support

Project Description:
The 900-000 sq. ft facility datacenter is expected to be powered by renewable energy – namely solar power. The facility has been constructed to cope with the demands of new media, such as, live video, 360-degree photos and video, and virtual and augmented reality.
In August 2018, LotusWorks commissioning personnel joined the General Contractors on site construction team.
The scope of work is to carry out a number of retrofit projects, throughout the campus, these projects range from small scale to quite extensive, invasive works.

The LotusWorks team includes, QA/QC, Commissioning Manager, Electrical Construction Manager and Mechanical engineers. The project scope includes MV to LV electrical work, changes to Air handling equipment and changes to water cooling equipment.

Project Services:
QA/QC, Commissioning Manager responsibilities include:

  • Developing a P6 project schedule
  • Procurement Log for, OFCI and CFCI equipment
  • Populating the Clients Commissioning Data base
  • Updating the clients Commissioning Data base
  • Coordinating Script development
  • Coordinating Factory Witness tests
  • Coordinating “onsite” deliveries
  • Coordinating Vendor, on site visits
  • Coordinating Cx, on site visits
  • Coordinating QA/QC inspections at the following stages,
    – On site delivery of Equipment
    – When equipment is set in place
    – ​When equipment is construction complete
  • Coordinating the execution of “construction completion” check lists

Electrical construction responsibility includes

  • Input to the P6 project schedule
  • Coordinating the Electrical contractors
  • Ensuring the electrical construction is as per client’s specifications

Mechanical Engineers are responsible for:
(The ME’s are working across a number of separate projects)

  • Reviewing Vendor and contractor submittals
  • Advising of required submittal amendments
  • Reviewing Vendor and contractor RFI’s
  • Liaising with design team to answer RFI’s
  • Maintaining Submittal and RFI log
  • Ensuring construction is as per client specifications

Outcomes: Project ongoing

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