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Datacenter – Commissioning, Engineering Support & Testing

Sector/Industry: Data Center 48MW 

Location: Sandviken, Sweden 

Project Duration: 2020 – present 

Partnership Commenced: 2016 

Solution: Commissioning, Construction Management, and Operations 

Project Description: 

This Hyperscale Data Center in Sweden is a new facility that serves the company’s cloud business. It is one of the company’s largest European Data Centers. LotusWorks were engaged as 3rd party commissioning agents to carry out the complete CxA SoW L0-L6 services. In October 2020, LotusWorks commissioning personnel joined the General Contractors on site at construction stage. Each new Data Center building will have a capacity of 48MW which will be delivered in phased tranches. 

The LotusWorks team includes Commissioning Manager, Electrical engineers, and Mechanical engineers. The project scope includes MV to LV electrical work, performance testing to Air handling equipment, PDU, UPS, and integrated testing to water cooling equipment. LotusWorks manage the entire process of bringing the building services systems to a fully operational condition in complete accordance with specifications and operational requirements. 


Commissioning Manager responsibilities include: 

  • Coordinating with GC for Cx project schedule 
  • Populating the Clients Commissioning Data base 
  • Updating the clients Commissioning Data base 
  • Coordinating L2-L5 Script development 
  • Witnessing Factory Witness tests 
  • Witnessing “onsite” FoK 
  • Coordinating checklist and performance inspections at the following stages,
    – IVC
    – PFC
    – ​Area walkdown 
  • Coordinating the execution of “area handover” walkdowns 

Commissioning Engineer responsibilities include: 

  • Input to the project Cx schedule 
  • Coordinating the FoK with GC contractors 
  • Ensuring the L2 construction is as per client’s specifications 
  • Reviewing Vendor and contractor submittals 
  • Advising of required submittal amendments 
  • Reviewing Vendor and contractor RFI’s 
  • Liaising with design team to answer RFI’s 
  • Maintaining Submittal and RFI log 
  • Ensuring construction is as per client specifications 
  • Ensuring commissioning implementation plan is implemented 
  • L4 – Functional performance testing 
  • L5 – Integrated system testing 

Outcomes: Project On-going 

  • Project came in 4 weeks ahead of time with minimum commissioning agents on site 
  • No safety incidents occurred while working on this project  
  • LotusWorks verify that by following best industry practices, the installations, and their performance characteristics, operating and maintenance documentation and user training all align with the specifications and operational requirements 
  • The client experiences a reduction in facility and machine downtime and increased productivity as a direct result of the LotusWorks Commissioning process 
  • Problems are identified and rectified throughout all stages of the LotusWorks commissioning process, resulting in no lost time and increased cost savings further enhancing the results and overall facility outcomes   
  • LotusWorks commissioning experts are quality assurance professionals that keeps the project focused on your goals as facility owner, from start to finish, in order to realise the full potential of the facility  
  • The client benefits from the can-do attitude and of the LotusWorks commissioning personnel who maintain composure in the face of any project difficulties or obstacles and expeditiously finds suitable solutions    
  • Highlighting any potential risk to future operations due to installation quality issues, non-conformance with design, or Environment and Health & Safety guidelines and overseeing that these issues are addressed and rectified to improve product quality and maintain regulatory standards 
  • The LotusWorks team can ensure that incoming O&M staff receive proper education on safe operating and maintenance procedures, in turn reducing owner liability by uncovering safety problems throughout the design, construction, and occupancy phases of a project. 

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