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Calibration Optimisation Programme

“Helping to Maximise Efficency”

Calibration Optimisation Programme

LotusWorks calibration optimisation programme takes a two-phase approach which will ensure that your instrument / equipment is calibrated efficiently as required. This approach will first look at instrument classifications and will then utilise historical instrument data to determine the appropriate calibration. 

An efficient calibration optimisation programme provides a bespoke solution to instrument classification and interval determination that can reduce the number of yearly calibrations using proven scientific methods. Instruments are classified according to their criticality. By focusing on criticality, valuable resources are focused on the instruments most critical to the manufacturing process. A statistical algorithm is utilised to derive appropriate calibration intervals. The derived intervals have sound scientific justification, ensuring intervals are based on actual performance and environmental conditions each instrument experiences. Optimisation of the calibration programme will lead to an increase in equipment availability.

Calibration Optimisation Benefits

LotusWorks site-based calibration services include but are not limited to:

  • Cost savings – Criticality assessment to determine calibration intervals 
  • Risk assessment – design and completion to adjust calibration frequencies 
  • Procedure implementation – assist in change control procedures
  • Data Analysis – design & complete a Quality Risk Assessment

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