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Calibrating to uphold Pharmaceutical Product Integrity


LotusWorks manages and executes the calibration program at one of Ireland’s leading employers and the largest pharmaceutical sector investor and employer facility to support them in making healthcare solutions more affordable and accessible to the world. The compliant, safe delivery of a quality product is a necessity, calibration of process instrumentation has a major part in the role to play.

Compliant, high level performance
Process measurements can be critical to product quality, this is especially true in the Pharmaceutical sector where the product will be affecting the lives of billions. Regular calibration assures the correct measurements are being applied during the manufacturing process.

Calibration is a LotusWorks’ expertise. The company has worked in regulated environments for two decades. Having met with the client, and discussed in detail their manufacturing processes, their concerns and the required performance level to meet the calibration schedule, we were able to respond with a satisfactory solution.

Standing accountable, being flexible
LotusWorks appointed an experienced team of calibration technicians to manage the calibration scope. Working closely with the client’s inhouse team, we developed a comprehensive plan which clearly outlined work activity, performance deliverables and stated reporting delivery & frequency. Flexibility also forms a key part in our solution delivery.  On agreement LotusWorks became responsible for the calibration of critical instrumentation used in the manufacturing process at the client facility on a daily basis.
Our onsite team understands their daily calibration work is important as it enables the client to meet increasing market demand and develop new products in their pipeline. We propose efficiency & improvements and keep the client abreast of new and evolving technology which may enhance their manufacturing process. We partner with our client and leverage our extensive expertise to assist where possible in their strategic goals.

Work Scope
LotusWorks manages and maintains the Pharmaceutical client’s process instrumentation and laboratory equipment. Annually, calibrating 5000 process instruments and calibrating or performing preventative maintenance on over 3000 items of portable laboratory.

By leveraging our experience and manpower, our 20+ onsite team has been successfully meeting the client’s needs for a decade.

Co-Operation delivering Key Successes:
A strong cooperation and partnership approach between both companies ensures calibration success criteria is set realistically and met continuously. LotusWorks is invested in supporting the client and seamless integration supports the client’s goals.
Some of our key success criteria for calibration includes:

  • Efficient reporting & success monitoring tools
  • Ability to provide support in response to the client’s changing needs
  • Recommending new methods and equipment to improve efficiencies
  • Providing vendor management to help reduce costs
  • Continuously providing an efficient, honest, reliable service

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