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From Apprentice Graduate to Mobile Calibration Technician


The Journey Continues

“Going up through the ranks at LotusWorks allows for a wealth of knowledge to be gained, which in turn allows you to appreciate what you enjoy and where you want to naturally progress your career”. 

In 2017, Vinny joined the LotusWorks team as an Instrumentation Apprentice. At that time, he was looking to further his career and a friend of his had just completed the Instrumentation Apprenticeship with LotusWorks and recommended it. Completing research on the LotusWorks apprenticeship programme and analysing the career prospects after completion of the apprenticeship, Vinny applied for the programme and was successful in his application. Six years later, Vinny successfully completed his apprenticeship, and now works as a valued member of the LotusWorks Mobile Calibration Team.  

Reflecting on the apprenticeship programme Vinny details the work experience and hands on exposure the programme provides: “In Phase 1, I was working in a pharmaceutical facility in Dublin. There were thirty people on the LotusWorks team and over 2,500 people working on the site. I was working in a cleanroom doing calibrations including pipettes, temperature control, flows and levels. This was the first time I had worked on such a large-scale facility. As an apprentice, it could have been a daunting experience, but I was made feel comfortable from the offset knowing I had experienced colleagues who were my go-to’s and mentors whenever I had a query. 

Vinny Foy - Apprentice Graduate to Mobile Calibration Technician

Upon successful completion of his apprenticeship in 2021, Vinny commenced his role as a Mobile Calibration Technician“Being mobile gives variety to your role every day. I get to work on a range of different sites, meet new people, and am always learning about new equipment. It’s exciting to work in different environments and take on new challenges each day”.

Mobile Calibration Technicians require a high level of expertise and knowledge in various calibration techniques, standards, and regulations. “I have a deep understanding of the equipment I’m calibrating and must be able to troubleshoot and diagnose any issues that may arise during the calibration process. The work the LotusWorks mobile cals team carry out is critical to ensuring that these systems operate correctly and accurately, minimising the risk of equipment failure or errors in the manufacturing process.” adds Vinny. 

Mobile Calibration offers a diverse range of benefits to employees. Vinny has travelled to France, Spain, England, Wales and Northern Ireland to support LotusWorks’ international clients. Recalling a trip to Reno, Nevada which Vinny won during an internal company draw, Vinny said: “It was an experience and trip I will never forget. I got to tour a client site, one of the largest gigafactories in the world in the automotive sector, attended a company holiday party and got to make connections with the wider LotusWorks network. I was lucky to get some sightseeing in during the trip too. What really stood out to me following the trip is the international opportunities that LotusWorks can offer employees. 

Commenting on why he see’s apprenticeship programmes and graduate opportunities valuable, Vinny references the importance of real-life hands-on experience – “A combination of learning, on-the job training and the opportunity to work on many different critical projects with a diverse group of people has helped me to develop as an experienced technician and led me to where I am today. The opportunity to get involved with complex projects and work on the technology you desire along with having the support of team and management makes LotusWorks an organisation where you can really build a long-term career. 

If you are interested in pursuing a career that offers a variety of daily, opportunities for continued professional development and career progression, LotusWorks may be the right fit for you. Check out the website for available job openings and start your career journey today:  

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