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Putting People First – Employee Wellbeing at LotusWorks


People Care at LotusWorks

At LotusWorks, our commitment to employees is rooted in our “people first” ethos. We believe that promoting a culture of wellbeing will help prevent work related stress and create positive working environments where individuals and the business thrives.  We go the extra mile to understand our employees experience by surveying aspects of the work environment and planned oragnisation supports LotusWorks invests in employee physical and mental health through initiatives which include wellness webinars, benefits weeks, comprehensive health insurance and annual GP visits.

The business has an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) providing essential support for employees and their families. Mental wellbeing is actively supported and there are actionable steps being taken to build proper accessible support for all employees. A culture of wellbeing isn’t created in a day, a week or a month- it takes years of commitment to build and align a suitable wellbeing programme within a business of medium size, LotusWorks has started the work required to create a robust employee wellbeing programme and plans to build and extend the initiatives it proudly offers today. 

LotusWorks Lunchtime Walk and Talk

According to the World Health Organisation’s 2023 report, approximately 700,000 individuals lose their lives annually to suicide. World Suicide Prevention Day, observed every September 10th, serves as both a solemn reminder and one of hope. It acts as a global call to action. In line with our commitment to employee wellbeing, LotusWorks recently organised a companywide “Walk and Talk” event. This initiative encouraged teams and employees to engage in casual conversations, take in a breath of fresh air, and connect with one another away from the desk and tools. It’s through such collective efforts that we can shed light on this matter and offer support to those in need, reaffirming our dedication to fostering a caring and supportive workplace culture.  

It is important to refer to the global statistics that show the high numbers of adults that find their work-life stressful. It is estimated that 6 in 10 adults find work and money the biggest contributors to their stress (Shortlister,2023).  Holding initiatives like a “walk and talk”, benefits week, wellness webinars and mobility sessions reaffirms LotusWorks’ commitment to people care. LotusWorks is a company that values teamwork and the power of people. Together we are better and we must utilise our communication skills and take the time to support colleagues when life and work is overwhelming.  

Key Takeaways

World Suicide Prevention Day isn’t just a day to remember. It is a movement. Whether it’s initiatives like LotusWorks or the simple ‘walk and talk’ at lunchtime strategy, every effort counts. The fight against the global suicide epidemic requires compassion, understanding and action. Remember you are not alone, and together, we can make the world a safer place.  

At LotusWorks, we prioritise our people because we know that when they thrive, so does our company. 

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