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Employee Stories – Cian Mannix


Six months into his apprenticeship, we caught up with, Cian Mannix, who let us know how he’s settling into his new role and what he’s looking forward to most in the coming phases.  In January 2021, Cian joined the LotusWorks team as an Instrumentation and Controls Apprentice and is currently in Phase 1 of the Apprenticeship Program.

Speaking on why he applied for the Apprenticeship Program, Cian said:

“For two years, I was studying Computer Science in college. When the pandemic hit and college moved online it made me realize that I had no idea how any of what I was learning would apply in an industrial setting. I felt I needed a change. I needed something that would allow me to learn on the job while having academic backing. Having known about LotusWorks through my family, I knew that the apprenticeship program would be a good option as it ties in with the high technology industries in which I had two years of knowledge built up from my time in college. In saying that, it is much more hands-on than I expected, but I’ve learned that everything is going hand in hand.  Changing your whole lifestyle during a pandemic is scary – but I’m so glad I did. I’m really enjoying my experience with LotusWorks.”

When asked about how he found the virtual onboarding process and how he is finding his first six months, Cian said:

“I’ve been on three sites and I’ve learned so much already. The teams in LotusWorks are truly exceptional – no matter what everyone is so helpful and accommodating. I feel like I can approach anyone. The first site I was on was a pharmaceutical site and having a buddy on-site really stood out to me. Your first day,  not really understanding where to go or what to do, would have been daunting on my own. Having a buddy was so helpful to help me understand the processes and procedures and culture in general within the company.

I then moved to the Calibration Laboratory in Head Office. It was great to meet some of the support staff as well as seeing the operations in the laboratory.  It is such a busy and friendly environment, it’s always good craic!”

“I’m currently working on a medical device site. The team on site is so helpful, there is a great rapport among the team which makes life a lot easier on site. This site has developed my personal growth the most. I’ve never lived away from home before and it is giving me independence, responsibility and has made me grow as a person.”

“The last six months literally feels like six minutes, I am really enjoying myself and I am so glad I was given the opportunity to be part of LotusWorks Apprenticeship program.”

Wishing Cian every success as part of the LotusWorks team.  For further information about the LotusWorks

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