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Employee Stories – Aaron Mullen


Aaron Mullen joined the LotusWorks team in September 2012 as a Mechanical Technician.

Having progressed within his career from a Mechanical Technician to Commissioning Lead, Aaron is now working as a FAT Co-Ordinator on a semiconductor client facility. In his 8 years with LotusWorks, Aaron has completed a project management course, a Site Lead Development Programme and is a trained COHE (Control of Hazardous Energy) representative on site.

Speaking about training and development opportunities with LotusWorks, Aaron said; “Since joining LotusWorks I’ve had multiple learning opportunities in furthering my industry knowledge, skills and expertise. I completed a project management course in 2014 and took part in the Site Lead Development Programme in 2015.

After completing these courses, I was given the opportunity to take on the role as Commissioning Lead on site. At this time, the Commissioning team was divided into Mechanical, Electrical, Waste and I&C disciplines. I liaised with client managers and contractors to determine the scope involved to handover equipment as per design requirements and generating all commissioning documentation. Once commissioning commenced, I was responsible for managing the different disciplines within the team. I was responsible for the handover, final sign off and making the equipment / plant live and closing out any outstanding documentation.

My current role is FAT Co-Ordinator. The ‘FAT’ documents I am responsible for delivering for the current project are all commissioning documents. I source these documents, often writing from scratch, updating to match design intent, getting approval by each discipline owner for use in the field, tracking each documents progress and reporting out daily on the status of each document. Currently there are 200 FAT documents split between 12 disciplines. It’s a busy and important role, one that’s diverse and extremely interesting. I’m enjoying it.

Asked what he enjoys most about life at LotusWorks, Aaron mentions the culture of knowledge sharing among teams; “LotusWorks is a people centric company, we have an embedded culture of helping team members out. knowledge sharing is key –  there is always someone to learn from. No question goes unanswered and everybody is more than happy to help each other out. It boosts morale and productivity amongst team members”

The LotusWorks team is working on a commissioning and decommissioning project with this semiconductor client. The strategic partnership began in the year 2000. Commenting on the client relationship, Aaron said “We’ve built a good reputation with the client. We have a proactive team on the field and have the ability to get the job done in the most efficient way possible with best in class practices.”

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