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Diverse Workplaces Lead to Greater Success


Embracing a diverse and inclusive culture is integral to our people first strategy within LotusWorks. Our team-oriented culture is built on encouraging open dialogue between employees, creating an environment of mutual respect for each other’s beliefs and values regardless of background or ethnicity. With employees from 20 unique nationalities throughout our teams across the globe, we are proud of the diverse array of cultures, and we continuously ensure our employees culture is recognised and celebrated throughout the business.  

LotusWorks’ 650+ strong workforce come from a range of different countries across the globe including Pakistan, India, Israel, Brazil, Ghana, South Africa to name a few. Each individual in LotusWorks brings with them a diverse set of perspectives, work and life experiences, as well as religious and cultural differences and we make it a priority to understand each culture and make our employees feel included in the workplace. The process of inclusion within our teams is encouraged by inviting regular opportunities to discuss cultural activities, including festivals or observations, which our teams can participate in together. Other initiatives include interviewing employees and sharing their stories companywide to understand their cultural beliefs and celebrations and educate the wider team on their colleagues’ beliefs and traditions and life at LotusWorks.

Cultures at LotusWorks

Maintaining the current year on year growth, LotusWorks is on track to reach its 5-year strategic goal of 1,000+ employees across the globe. To continue this upward trajectory and achieve this target, team growth and employee career development will remain a priority at LotusWorks.

Senior HR Manager Richard states ‘At LotusWorks talent development, career progression and learning opportunities will remain a top priority for the business throughout 2023 to ensure that we continue to foster a culture of knowledge sharing enabling our employees to enhance their professional development and learn new skills. For 7 years we have implemented the Great Place to Work methodology within the business, continually evolving processes for better employee engagement, satisfaction and retention. Throughout 2023 and beyond, we will continue to invest in our people.’

Discussing her slight sense of anticipation when she first started her role in head office in Sligo, LotusWorks Quality Graduate Muniba said to her surprise, she couldn’t have felt more welcome and included:

“Being a Muslim, I feel I stand out because of my hijab and there has been times that I felt like I don’t fit, or people would assume that I don’t speak English but at LotusWorks this has never been the case.  Ever since I walked through the doors of head office in Sligo, I have been welcomed by everyone. What has stood out to me most is my colleagues interest to be more aware of my cultural beliefs and traditions. It makes me feel important and listened too”.

Diverse and Inclusion

Unlocking the Value of Global Talent

Openness to diversity widens our access to the best talent. Inclusion allows us to engage that talent effectively and consistently. Together, this leads to enhanced innovation, creativity, productivity, reputation, engagement, and results. With the global skills shortage remaining a constant struggle for companies across virtually every industry, attracting and retaining the best talent will remain a priority for companies throughout 2023. With a mission to provide expert technical and engineering service solutions, LotusWorks has looked beyond borders for the best engineers and technicians in the industry with great success from India, Brazil and Pakistan. This overseas recruitment strategy brings with it a range of benefits including access to a larger talent pool and an increased diversity of skillsets. Commenting on the success of LotusWorks overseas Talent, Site Lead Joe states:

“The addition of high-quality talent from overseas has ensured we’ve been able to meet our key deliverables. Hiring people that are already trained and experienced in the required industry has meant that after a short on-boarding process our new team members have been able to ramp up to manage a demanding workload. Our team is now infinitely richer in terms of diversity, culture, knowledge, and methods of work!”.

A place for everyone in LotusWorks

Cultural diversity is a key component in any workplace, as it brings together a range of perspectives and experiences that can help further innovation and support inclusion. By being aware of a variety of cultural celebrations at LotusWorks, we can create an environment where all employees feel included and respected. As engineering and technical partner to the world’s leading manufacturers, we are always looking for ways to push the boundaries and deliver the most complex solutions and expert talent for our clients. That’s why it’s essential for us to have incredible teams full of the most dynamic talent.

To learn more about becoming a LotusWoker visit our careers page HERE and help us make a difference.

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