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Data Center Operations and Maintenance

Data Center Operations & Maintenance Services

For our clients, operational continuity is a core business requirement. The technical reputation of LotusWorks has been secured through years of experience managing and operating Data Center owner facilities in a consistent, reliable manner. As the client’s hardware and software have become more extensive and critical, so too has the time and effort required to provide optimal protection and ensure operability allowing decisions to be made without compromising availability.

System Experience

  • Experience working on data center facilities ranging from 8MW, 17MW and 60MW
  • Responsible for energy, asset, change, quality and documentation management providing optimal protection and ensuring operability

Project Scopes Include

  • Provide datacenter client with 24/7 operations safe cover with seamless integration onsite
  • Provide project support to clients’ needs, on time and within budget
  • Work with the client to identify and implement efficiencies across site
  • Carry out and track critical maintenance on all equipment across site

Benefits experienced when engaging expert Datacenter Operations & Maintenance Teams

  • Risk Elimination: Through the implementation of a comprehensive maintenance program and our experience of mission critical environments, we successfully maintain facility uptime and deliver a solution focused on risk reduction

  • Preventative Maintenance: Client facilities benefit from improvements to the preventive maintenance program, creating savings in both time and costs and increasing efficiency, as a result of LotusWorks utilizing their experience and expertise from other industries to target improvements and make recommendations

  • 24/7 Teams: The team approach to covering and assisting client datacenter shift technicians, offers flexibility, and shared experience and learning as LotusWorks support the team on a 24/7 basis, 365 days a year

  • Cost Reduction: Significant cost reductions and increased facility efficiencies result from LotusWorks quickly identifying unnecessary and unproductive maintenance work and altering the preventative, predictive and proactive maintenance plan accordingly

  • Equipment Warranty Tracking: The client experiences comprehensive data capture on the integrated systems, ensuring traceability and managing equipment lifecycles

Extremely Flexible

 “I find them extremely flexible in whatever the situation – out of hours, weekends, and nights, whatever the case they always deliver. It’s their sign-off on projects as well, they say what they are going to provide, how they are going to provide it and how it looks upon completion. Their technical expertise is second to none and I’d have no issue recommending the LotusWorks team.”

Senior Engineer, Client Data Center Facility

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