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Constructing Success – Kelsey’s Engineering Journey


Celebrating Women in Construction week, we turn our attention to Kelsey, an Electrical Commissioning Engineer making significant strides in Construction Engineering at LotusWorks. Located at one of LotusWorks’ client sites in Arizona, which boasts the world’s largest semiconductor manufacturing fabs, Kelsey’s role here is pivotal.

Her responsibilities ensure that electrical systems are adeptly designed, installed, and operational as per their intended use within various construction projects. This encompasses a broad spectrum of the project lifecycle, from the initial design phase through to the final handover. 

Kelsey embarked on her journey with LotusWorks in the summer of 2022 via the company’s Rotational Internship program. This initiative is designed to offer a comprehensive experience through exposure to a multitude of roles within the organisation. Such a structure, as opposed to a singular job focus, allows interns to amass a wealth of experience across different departments and functional areas. Kelsey was drawn to LotusWorks, inspired by the company’s commitment to fostering a learning-rich environment—a principle that aligned perfectly with her own professional aspirations. 

Reflecting on her experience, Kelsey said, “Everyone I met was as knowledgeable as they were welcoming, which created an atmosphere that encouraged questions and thinking critically. It seemed like a perfect start for a new engineer to learn the ins and outs of commissioning, and it’s proven to be just that since I’ve become full-time.” 

This transition from intern to full-time employee cemented Kelsey’s positive internship experiences and set the stage for her ongoing professional development. Her daily routine includes an electrical team briefing to outline the day’s objectives, followed by preparations for inspections and startups, including the review of test documentation and design layouts. Fieldwork involves verifying installation quality and progressing with energisation or addressing any unresolved issues. The day concludes with wrapping up any outstanding tasks and planning for the following day, establishing an effective workflow for the team. 

Kelsey’s role is characterised by its challenge-driven nature, with problem-solving and issue resolution keeping her engaged and underscoring the critical responsibility shouldered by Commissioning Engineers. LotusWorks supports its employees’ continuous growth by offering ongoing training opportunities and an established program for professional development, which Kelsey has taken full advantage of to enhance her knowledge and commitment to electrical safety and professional improvement. 

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On the topic of gender diversity in engineering and construction, Kelsey notes a positive shift towards increased female leadership and impact within the industry. She emphasises the importance of recognising and leveraging the unique talents of each team member, a practice that has contributed significantly to her team’s success. 

For those aspiring to enter the engineering field, Kelsey advises a simple yet impactful approach: ask questions. Fostering curiosity and a pursuit of understanding not only enriches the learning experience but also lays the groundwork for professional advancement. 

Outside her professional life, Kelsey enjoys spending time with her animals, painting, and gaming with her fiancé and friends. She also cherishes moments spent catching up with family back in Dallas. 

This Women in Construction Week, we’ve been privileged to share in Kelsey’s journey at LotusWorks, a narrative that intertwines her commitment to learning, her ability to navigate challenges, and her active role in nurturing diversity in the dynamic field of engineering and construction. 

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