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LotusWorks commissioning services provide enhanced value to facility owners and mission-critical facilities by providing experienced commissioning teams. With this technical expertise, we assist with designcommissioning executionoperations and maintenance systems in advanced manufacturing and mission-critical facilities. Tomorrow’s state-of-the-art and mission-critical facilities require continuous forward thinking. We promote safe operations, reduced running costs, efficiency, reliability and facility up-time. LotusWorks’ commissioning teams have experience with cleanrooms ranging from 50,000 sq. ft. to 400,000 sq. ft. The company utilizes industry standards such as ASHRAE 202 for commissioning.

Certified by the Building Commissioning Association (BCxA), LotusWorks is widely recognized as the industry’s most experienced and trustworthy commissioning service provider. Our extensive expertise in the Semiconductor, Data Center, Pharmaceutical, Construction and Automotive sectors has resulted in global manufacturers outsourcing their engineering and technical work scopes to LotusWorks. As commissioning partner of choice, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality of service, offering insights into the best possible solutions for their commissioning needs

Your Commissioning Service Partner of Choice

LotusWorks has partnered with some of the world’s leading manufacturers and mission-critical facilities for over 34 years. “Our commissioning managers, commissioning engineers, and technicians support projects on our clients’ electrical, mechanical, gas, chemical, wastewater, life safety, and instrumentation systems.  The interdisciplinary teams collaborate on issue resolution and risk elimination to ensure optimal facility uptime.” Outsourced solutions provide our clients with peace of mind that your facility is operating to the highest standards, completed on time and within budget. LotusWorks brings world-class resources to every project allowing you to focus on your core activities with our commissioning teams having experience working with some of the largest manufacturing and mission-critical facilities in the world.

Why Outsource Your Commissioning Needs?

  • Cost Savings: Increased cost savings and no lost time as problems are identified and rectified throughout all stages of the commissioning process 
  • Data Capture: Ensure traceability for your facility with clear reporting structures and records
  • Removal of Design Faults: Identify design issues before they result in issues or lead to costly performance problems
  • Integrated Systems Testing: LotusWorks plans, executes and records full building systems testing to mitigate the risk of a failed response to a facility outage
  • Planning & Project Management: Reduced construction delays due to commissioning input in the design and construction phases, reducing the risk of overspend or impacts to the project critical path
  • Reduce Facility Down-Time: LotusWorks commissioning activities focus on verifying that critical support systems are designed for maximum facility uptime and maintenance 
  • Standard Compliance: Complying with commissioning standards and project specifications, LotusWorks ensures the facility is operating to or exceeding requirements and design intent

Commissioning Service Solutions - Life Sciences

Partnering with commissioning services experts like LotusWorks, we execute and offer the following commissioning solutions to pharmaceutical and biologics clients: Installation qualificationoperational qualification script development & executionperformance qualification script development & executionnon-GMP utilities commissioning and installation QA/QC support


LotusWorks commissioning services provide experienced commissioning teams with technical expertise who help design, deliver, operate, and maintain manufacturing and mission-critical facilities.

LotusWorks’ expert teams have 30+ years’ experience commissioning manufacturing and mission-critical facilities in the Semiconductor, Pharmaceutical, Datacenter, Medical Device, and Construction Engineering sectors.

Outsourcing commissioning needs to LotusWorks can lead to increased cost savings, clear data capture and reporting structures, removal of design faults, integrated systems testing, reduced construction delays, reduced facility downtime, and guaranteed compliance with commissioning standards.

LotusWorks commissioning teams have experience working on facilities ranging from 10,000 sq. ft. to 3.2 million sq. ft. in cleanroom manufacturing space, and from 50,000 sq. ft. to 400,000 sq. ft. in other sectors, such as Datacenter, Medical Device, and Construction Engineering.

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