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Collaboration and Teamwork Prevailing


During this uncertain time, it clear to see the vast majority of businesses have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. While uncertainty and ambiguity build daily, one positive that has been cemented within businesses globally is the importance of collaboration and unity.

Everyone’s lives and daily routines are affected by the measures that have been introduced to disrupt the spread of the virus, and every person has a part to play in keeping us all safe.

In early April Medtronic, a Galway based manufacturer announced it was to publicly share the designs for one of its ventilator models. This is aimed to help people across the world to devise options for rapid ventilator manufacturing. Also, during the week Institute of Technology Sligo announced its production of key elements needed in virus testing, for their neighbours at Sligo University Hospital.

“It’s genuinely heartening to see small and large businesses and multinational manufacturers unite, especially our neighbours here in the West of Ireland. We admire the team at Medtronic and IT Sligo for their tireless and selfless work, the work being done will have a direct impact on all our lives. Many companies, including LotusWorks answered a recent request for PPE donations for Sligo University hospital staff. It’s tiny gestures that can deliver great results and it’s the least we can do to say thanks to the magnificent workers on the frontline.

Within the company, during this time, the safety and health of LotusWorkers remains priority. “Regular, clear communication is a close second”, commented Emer Conroy, Director of LotusWorks.

“We’re in constant contact with our teams all over the country and in the US. Most of our administrative support staff are working from their homes and are safe and well. However, we have a large number of our technical and engineering staff attending to essential work within medical and pharma plants since the pandemic commenced. Our ability to clearly communicate ever-evolving process changes and work area changes required a lot of attention. We changed the amount and mechanism of our communications to ensure messaging and information reached everyone as promptly as possible. Forums to allow people to submit questions for clarification on health issues helped ensure we protected ourselves, co-workers and client staff. It’s paying off though as we have a healthy workforce and it’s great to see the team spirit kick in”

“Working together and sharing knowledge is part of life at LotusWorks and that culture is standing to us during this pandemic. The collaboration and unity are virtual but it’s alive and well and it is truly comforting to see. Like all other businesses, LotusWorks has been affected by the pandemic, but the company is taking comfort in the fact that all their employees are all doing their part and helping keep people safe and well.”


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