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Celebrating Diversity and Inclusion at LotusWorks


At LotusWorks, diversity and inclusion is something that is championed throughout the company. This June, to celebrate #PrideMonth, we talk to Talent Development Business Partner Erin Helbert, about the importance of promoting a workplace culture that supports, values, and respects all of its people.

Over 650 + LotusWorks employees come from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and locations. Working to create and build upon its culture of inclusion is something the company holds dear to its heart says Erin:

“Our culture is characterized by our varied employee population and by putting our people first, which is one of our core company values. That’s what makes LotusWorks special and an environment that I want to come to work in each day. I love reading the employee stories that are regularly profiled highlighting the variety of our employee’s backgrounds, genders, and beliefs. It allows me to feel connected to other team members around the country and the world.”

LotusWorks is an established employee-centric organization, having been recognized as a Great Place to Work since 2017. The company works to take feedback on board and constantly develop innovative ways to ensure its staff are respected and fulfilled in their various roles.

“I have seen first-hand how employee ideas, opinions, and feedback are sought, recognized, listened to, and actioned. This broadens our perspective and helps us to make business decisions that enhance our working environment. A prime example is our embedded culture of regular performance feedback and employee development, which came directly from organization-wide feedback gathered through our regular employee survey”.

The company is dedicated to supporting employees in advancing their careers so that each LotusWorker can reach their full potential. LotusWorks work with its people and clients to provide varied work, allowing its employees to grow and learn in multiple locations across North America and Europe.

LotusWorks 650+ employees work in partnership with global manufacturers in the Datacenter, Pharmaceutical and Biologics, Semiconductor, and Medical Device sectors to deliver technical expertise, innovation, and cost-savings from facility commissioning through to sustaining work scopes. Find out more about joining the LotusWorks team: Careers | LotusWorks


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What do you most enjoy about being on the LotusWorks Talent Team?
It’s a great feeling when you take someone through the whole recruitment process successfully. Not only have you helped the candidate secure a great job, but you’ve also helped the company by providing a great addition to the team!