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Semiconductor – Commissioning / Start-Up


Semiconductor – Commissioning / Start-Up


Project Duration: 2010 – present

Solution:Commissioning & Start-Up

Project Description:
Our client, a leading full-service Semiconductor design, development, fabrication and innovation company with locations across the globe required Commissioning and Start-up of a 320,000 sq ft clean room and supporting Central Utility Building (CUB) offices, and support buildings. LotusWorks technicians were present from the moment the first product rolled off the production line and have subsequently been involved in the numerous facility upgrades, and expansions. LotusWorks manage and execute commissioning activities for this new state of the art microchip manufacturing facility.

Project Services:

  • Assist in the coordination and scheduling of commissioning and start-up activities
  • Monitor construction activities and report on non-conformance’s
  • Review drawings and specifications and confirm field installations comply
  • Developed commissioning plan
  • Witness Operational Acceptance Tests
  • Developed Functional Acceptance Tests (FAT’s)
  • Perform Functional Acceptance Tests of facility systems, which include:- Cooling water system
    – Toxic gas and chemical systems
    – Air handling systems
    – FMS controls
    – Process vacuum systems
    – Water and waste water systems
    – Lab spaces and equipment
    – Boiler and condensate systems
  • Provided hands-on training to operations staff during commissioning and start-up
  • Provide operations support for equipment during construction
  • Integrated systems testing to verify that all facility components work together as unified systems


  • The client gained the full life-cycle value from their capital investment in the facility equipment and systems
  • The facility systems performed compliantly to the operational needs
  • Removal of design faults due to full assessment and quick identification of obstacles before they become major issues to the client in the construction phase as a result of LotusWorks’ broad knowledge and experience -minimizing any disruption to the end-user experience
  • The LotusWorks LEED accredited teams can assist you in creating energy efficient facilities and meet environmental standards
  • Clients experience maximized efficiency in equipment operations resulting in long haul energy savings
  • The client experiences comprehensive data capture on the integrated systems, ensuring traceability and managing equipment/instrument lifecycles
  • Projects experience fewer change orders, delays, and rework, avoiding the considerable costs of late occupancy, liquidated damages, extended equipment rentals, and other costs associated with delays
  • Problems are identified and rectified throughout all stages of the LotusWorks commissioning process, resulting in minimised lost time and increased cost savings further enhancing the results and overall facility outcomes

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