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Semiconductor – Commissioning/Decommissioning/O&M


Semiconductor – Commissioning/Decommissioning/O&M

Sector/Industry: Semiconductor

Timeline: 1992 to Present

Project Duration: 2011 – Present

Solution: Commissioning, Decommissioning and Operations & Maintenance

Project Description:
The LotusWorks partnership with this Semiconductor manufacturer began in 1992 and has continued to grow and diversify ever since.  LotusWorks technicians were present, supporting sustaining activity, from the moment the first product rolled off the production line and have subsequently been involved in the numerous facility upgrades and expansions.

Some of the core solutions that LotusWorks provided the client with throughout this partnership include; Complete Commissioning Service, Decommissioning, PLC Programming, Operations & Maintenance, Project Enabling Works, and owning and managing specialist niche projects.

Service Offering:

  • Decommissioning of chillers, boilers, compressors, air handling units, centrifugal pumps and electrical motors
  • Decontamination of services to production equipment, e.g. air, water, chemical and gas process lines
  • Parallel project management – simultaneously carrying out decommissioning and commissioning projects on dual facilities
  • Generating and executing documentation to allow for the safe removal of redundant services, buildings and equipment
  • Execute a phase production tool de-install project while simultaneously de-installing and upgrading the utility equipment
  • Performing Functional Acceptance Tests (FAT) for new equipment installations and facility process control systems
  • Deploying multi-disciplinary commissioning teams consisting of Instrumentation & Control (I&C), Mechanical, Electrical and Life Safety Systems (LSS) technicians and leads to execute project scope Compliance of the quality procedures in line with various regulatory authorities
  • Managing and owning Progressive Build Commissioning (PB) projects
  • Detailed monthly and quarterly reporting against agreed KPI’s


  • A trusting business relationship has been carved out and the client can feel confident that LotusWorks will deliver their projects on time and to the highest standard
  • The adaptability and cross functional training of LotusWorkers has allowed the client to simply ramp up/down projects in line with their requirements and shift roles and responsibilities corresponding to works peaks and troughs between projects
  • Careful selection of the teams onsite has led to the placement of individuals who are a good cultural fit for the client site enabling them to integrate quickly into the client teams
  • Reporting that is clear, concise and graphical in nature based on real-time data analysis enables proactive and reactive decision making, and accurate cost and task forecasting
  • Fast calibration turnaround on critical instruments leads to increased equipment availability and minimizes facility downtime

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