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Pharma/Biologics – Tailored Project Support and O&M


Pharma/Biologics – Tailored Project Support and O&M

Sector/Industry: Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology

Location: Leinster

Project Duration: 2000 – present

Solution: Tailored project work

Project Description:

Operating in a one million square foot facility in West Dublin, our client has been manufacturing in Ireland since the early 2000s.  The site manufactures bioactive products for the treatment of arthritis, psoriasis, and ankylosing spondylitis, as well as vaccines. The site has experienced a major expansion, in which LotusWorks played a significant part in the commissioning, construction, and sustaining phases of the facility. LotusWorks has been in a unique position to see our client mature past 20 years and become one of the largest integrated biotechnology plants in the world. LotusWorks works in partnership with our client to provide project work on a long- and short-term basis.

Project Services:

  • Bespoke service offering, LotusWorks develops plans and processes to suit their requirements as needed.
  • Providing a specialist team of Technicians who are present at the facility 24/7.
  • Coordination with 3rd party contractors on areas such as scheduling, documentation, process control, etc.
  • Certification and verification of forms and documents on-site.
  • 3rd party equipment control and qualification.
  • Developed equipment commissioning and start-up procedures
  • Developed plant performance testing procedures
  • Conducted control Module Site Acceptance testing (CM SAT)
  • Conducted equipment Module Site Acceptance testing (EM SAT)


  • Having vast experience in the pharma/biotechnology sector, LotusWorks has dedicated teams ready to be deployed on-site as projects become available – ramping up or down depending on project requirements.
  • Improved expansion of the team on-site due to the standardized training for new employees reducing training time required and reducing the potential for costly human-error mistakes
  • Mobile teams facility emergency call-outs 24/7. Clients experience minimal disruption and less downtime
  • LotusWorks technical teams are familiar with the client’s site and work to the highest standards of safety and quality without the need for training from the client.
  • Having comprehensive document controls in place means the time spent on administration is reduced for the client.
  • Commissioning of new equipment by LotusWorks reduces delays and long-term and unexpected spending for the client.

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