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Datacenter – Operations and Maintenance & Project Work


Datacenter – Operations and Maintenance & Project Work

Sector/Industry: Datacenter
Location: Oregon, USA
Project Duration: August 2018 – Ongoing
Service Offered: Operations and Maintenance / Project Work

Project Description:

This datacenter is among the world’s largest at 450,000 sq ft and is the most energy-efficient of its kind. Since 2018, LotusWorks has continued its partnership with this leading global datacenter client located in Oregon, USA.

Our LEED-accredited teams have worked to ensure this client operates to the highest efficiency and safety standards while adapting to the latest innovations and technologies within the data center sector.

Project Services:

The LotusWorks team onsite worked on power and mechanical upgrades to quadruple the power capacity and redundancy within the datacentre.

  • Ongoing project work, including retrofits, break-fix, emergency repairs, and safety initiatives
  • The team worked to complete four retrofits on existing core electrical line-ups, along with extensive retrofit and replacement of core electrical systems
  • Expert teams worked on temporary power systems to support servers during the execution
  • Development of site-specific safety plan including safety orientation, Covid-19 requirements, mitigations, energized equipment, and material handling and hoisting


  • Our client has access to skilled resources, reducing the need to invest in recruiting and training which can be costly for the business
  • Increased efficiency onsite and reduced unscheduled shutdowns and repairs
  • Complying with environmental health and safety standards, the client experienced production safety and product quality as the LotusWorks team ensured the facility was operating to regulatory standards
  • Expert teams have worked on over $1.9M in temporary power systems to support servers during the execution
  • Our team has worked on over 120+ facility operations projects since commencing work with this client

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