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Datacenter – O&M


Datacenter – O&M


Project Duration:2012 – Present

Solution:Operations & Maintenance

Project Description:
This American Datacenter multinational technology company specializes in Internet-related services and products, including online advertising technologies, search, cloud computing, software, and hardware.

The unprecedented growth within the ICT sector has led to equal growth in datacenters. As the client’s hardware and software has become more extensive and critical, so too has the time and effort required to provide optimal protection and ensure operability. The LotusWorks team are responsible for the day to day Operation and Maintenance of this facility on behalf of this leading datacenter client since 2012.

Project Services:

  • Troubleshoot equipment malfunctions, and perform ad-hoc repairs of mechanical and electrical equipment as and when necessary
  • Interpret the engineering design and operational aspects of all facility systems, ensuring all “as-built” drawings, manuals, standard operating procedures are up-to-date and properly maintained
  • Coordinate and supervise the activities of contracted service personnel performing work on the facility
  • Maintain communications with vendors and management while addressing emergency situations (e.g. fire, equipment failure), concerns or requests. Full participation and membership of ERT group and fully trained in occupational first aid
  • Manage the scheduling of activities and provide support for all preventive/ contracted/ general maintenance, ensuring minimum disruption of services
  • Participate, support and contribute in all data centre related audit, certifications and compliance programs or initiatives
  • Supervise, support, monitor, maintain and coordinate all critical facilities systems and operations, including:- Mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) systems
    – Refrigeration, Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems
    – Energy management program, with a major emphasis on PUE
    – Building management system (BMS)
    – Power monitoring systems
    – Fire safety systems including Vesda, fire detection and fire suppression.


  • The client is receiving optimal protection and the facility operability is assured by the LotusWorks team.
  • This facility benefits from improvements to the preventive maintenance programme, creating savings in both time and costs and increasing efficiency, as a result of LotusWorks utilizing their experience and expertise from other industries to target improvements and make recommendation.
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual reporting structures, measuring our performance against a set of metrics, continuously delivering month on month, gives the client accurate and timely data to assist in decision making
  • The client gains an improved safety standard as LotusWorks boast an exemplary safety record, 8 years on site and 132,000 working hours with no lost time or reportable incidents –  a 100% safety record.
  • Significant cost reductions and increase facility efficiencies result from LotusWorks quickly identifying unnecessary and unproductive maintenance work and altering the preventative, predictive and proactive maintenance plan accordingly
  • The experiences the best of value-add improvement from the LotusWorks team. There have been 116 CI’s implemented on our client sites since the programme commenced some 3 years ago– providing cost savings in excess of €2M, process improvements and waste reductions
  • The team approach to covering and assisting customer data centre shift technicians, offers flexibility, and shared experience and learning as LotusWorks support the team on a 24/7 basis, 365 days a year.

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