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Datacenter Commissioning


Datacenter Commissioning

Sector/Industry: Datacenter
Project Duration: April 2016 to June 2018
Service Offered: Commissioning

Project Description:
This project saw the LotusWorks team join a multinational client on one of the largest Datacenter’s in Europe. This facility powers much of the client’s global cloud computing operation, while using far less energy and water than typically consumed in other data centers of this scale. This datacenter operates at a Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of 1.25, compared to industry averages of about 2.0.

data center commissioning

This client relationship began in April 2016 when the LotusWorks experts spent time reviewing design criteria and performing Factory Witness Testing. By April 2017 LotusWorks started on site with a Commissioning team who managed the mechanical and electrical datacenter installations to the client’s specifications within the time and budget allowed.

The core challenge the LotusWorks team faced on site was to ensure that the commissioning process delivered by the team, ensured the installations met all the client’s expectations, from efficiency to LEED, with no impact on the vendors, general contractors or the compressing client schedule.

Project Services:

  • Off-site scope:
    – Design reviews at 30%, 60%, 90% and IFC, design stages
    – Factory Witness Testing to ensure the equipment being purchased was as per design
    – Development of test scripts
  • On-site scope:
    – Develop a commissioning schedule that was non-impactive to ongoing construction and pre-commissioning testing. 
  • The commissioning schedule also had to ensure that the clients expectations and timelines were met.
    – Coordinating both electrical and mechanical CxA teams to ensure their daily work did not affect one another
    – Execute the field testing as per testing scripts
    – Execute an “Integrated System Test” at end of each phase to ensure all components worked in unison as per design
    – Provide daily, weekly and monthly reports to the client to ensure targets were achieved within a set number of hours         and with a set man loader
  • Commissioning of the mechanical systems and equipment Including:
    – Pumps
    – Water Storage Systems
    – Fuel Storage Systems
    – AHUs
    – Building HVAC Systems
    – Evaporative Cooling Water Systems
  • Commissioning of the electrical systems and equipment Including:
    – Medium Voltage Switchgear and Switch Board
    – Low Voltage Switchgear
    – Transformers
    – UPS systems
    – STSs
    – PDUs
    – ATSs
    – Load Bank (LB)
    – Distribution Panels/Panel Boards
    – Grounding Systems
    – Heat Trace System
  • Commissioning of the life safety/monitoring systems and equipment Including:
    – EPMS Systems
    – EPO Systems
    – Sprinkler System
    – Fire Alarm System
    – VESDA
  • Compliance of the quality procedures in line with various regulatory authorities


  • Cost savings were achieved through a reduction in man hours as overtime and weekend work were kept to a minimum
  • Client experienced a record volume of blue tags closed out on their facility
  • The client benefited from zero lost man hours during the entire project completion
  • The LotusWorks LEED accredited teams assisted the client in creating energy efficient facilities to meet environmental standards
  • The client was supported with engineering expertise which enabled a smooth handover from construction to operational level
  • LotusWorks managed and coordinated all third-party vendors and the design team during the construction stage of the project, leaving the client to focus on their core business activity
  • The client avoided the considerable costs of late occupancy, liquidated damages, extended equipment rentals, and other costs associated with delays due to fewer change orders, delays, and reworks
  • LotusWorks performed sophisticated processes and tests to verify that all facility components work together as an integrated system
  • The client experienced more efficient testing as LotusWorks updated test scripts
  • Reduced construction delays due to commissioning input in the design phase, reducing long term spend and optimizing the return on investment.

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