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Life at LotusWorks

LotusWorkers enjoy interesting, challenging work, across a wide range of sectors and disciplines and are continuously expanding their skillset and knowledge. LotusWorks is dedicated to supporting employees in developing their careers within the company, so that each LotusWorker can reach their full potential. The company aim to provide work variety, giving people the opportunity to grow and learn new technology and systems and work in multiple locations across North America and Europe.

Benefits | Just For You

Our 650+ full-time LotusWorkers are at the heart of our business and we care about investing in them, their health, and making sure they are happy as part of the LotusWorks team.

LotusWorks employee benefits include:

  • Medical & Dental Insurance
  • Life, Short-Term, Long-Term Disability Insurance
  • Training & Educational Assistance
  • 401k Retirement Plan
  • Extra Annual Leave with years of experience
  • Maternity/Paternity Leave

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Travis Miller


What do you most enjoy about being on the LotusWorks Talent Team?
It’s a great feeling when you take someone through the whole recruitment process successfully. Not only have you helped the candidate secure a great job, but you’ve also helped the company by providing a great addition to the team!