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Being decisive, taking the lead and delivering under pressure are some of the skills Graham has


Graham is a Quality and Commissioning Manager on a large-scale manufacturing facility in the semiconductor industry located in Arizona, US. He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering and began his career journey over 18 years ago working in Utilities in the pharmaceutical industry before developing his career into Quality and Commissioning in the semiconductor industry.

“I was lucky that a position with LotusWorks presented itself in the US five years ago now, and I took a chance and so far, it’s proved a great move. I wanted a different challenge and starting in a new country appealed to me as I could travel to different states in my downtime getting to see as much of America as possible”.

In his current role as Quality and Commissioning Manager, Graham is responsible for signing off on new construction design, to ensure that it is designed andgraham employee stories installed to the client’s specifications, local codes and original design intent. “No two days are the same! You’re looking at different equipment, different utilities and scrutinizing the installation. It’s my job to assess challenges and take action to ensure the project timeline stays on track.”

 Graham works very closely with the client and vendors on-site to identify and rectify errors ensuring that quality is held to the highest standard “it is our responsibility to ensure that the client receives a high-quality service.” 

One of Graham’s favourite tasks is performing a quality assurance inspection on a new installation. If something doesn’t meet the specification, it is raised with the relevant trade and client representative. “I enjoy the inspection part of a project, inspecting the equipment, utilities and everything else. Safety is a crucial part of the role and if something is signed off that is not to specification it could result in a lot of damage”. 

Part of Graham’s job involves updating the client on quality issues or installation deviating from specifications that may impact the design and schedule. Over the years this role has helped him develop leadership skills, being assertive, decisive, and delivering solutions under pressure. Highlighting an issue and working together to achieve a solution is one of the main reasons for LotusWorks’ strong partnership with this client. “You need to explain the issue and come up with a solution together”. 

When asked what advice ‘would you give to someone thinking of applying to LotusWorks?’, Graham said:

“The sense of inclusion you get from being on the LotusWorks team is like no other company I’ve been with before. No matter where you are in the US, Ireland or Europe, the management team communicate with all employees for various reasons! The directors are not removed from the day-to-day operations,  you can pick up the phone to ring them with a query and they will be more than happy to help. They align closely with their workers, and it shows throughout the different departments. These personable and approachable traits are tied in with the success of the company.”

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What do you most enjoy about being on the LotusWorks Talent Team?
It’s a great feeling when you take someone through the whole recruitment process successfully. Not only have you helped the candidate secure a great job, but you’ve also helped the company by providing a great addition to the team!