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5 Reasons Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Outsource Their Maintenance Functions


For manufacturers, remaining competitive while adapting to the latest developments and challenges in today’s marketplace is an essential requirement. While many manufacturing organizations routinely outsource financial and payroll departments, are cautious about outsourcing the maintenance function of their organization.

For today’s pharmaceutical manufacturers, the ability to act quickly and increase production in facilities within a short space of time, can not only contribute to market growth but can also save the lives of millions worldwide. LotusWorks has long-standing partnerships with leaders in the pharmaceutical industry, having operated in the sector since 1989. LotusWorks’ approach to competitive pharmaceutical manufacturing is achieved through our technical and engineering service model.

The benefits of this model are outlined


1. Enjoy Increased Efficiency 


Outsourcing enables companies to focus on their core activities and deliver the most advanced products to market. When pharma manufacturers outsource their business needs to an experienced strategic partner like LotusWorks, their company gets access to engineering practices and processes, that are essential in the delivery of complex outsourcing projects. Once the daily operational tasks are outsourced, productivity and efficiency are left to grow and flourish within the company, which contributes to the bottom line for the manufacturer.

2. Accelerate Cost savings


Cost control is a major driver and motive for many pharma manufacturers when considering the option to outsource maintenance. In-house staff wages and benefits are a costly overhead for an organization to subsidize. Cost is also a function of the outsourced partner’s ability to flex up and down faster than the traditional HR function model; additionally, all hiring costs are absorbed by the outsourced partner. An outsourced resource contractor assumes the burden of these costs and other, financial liabilities associated with their workers.

LotusWorks Continuous Improvement Program sees our clients experience significant cost savings, however, the program also contributes to safety and quality improvements and man-hour-savings.

3. Maintain Operational Control


Outsourcing specific work areas to an experienced outsourced provider will bring better and different management skills to organizations in the sector. An outsourcing agreement is specific, with clear deliverables. Management within the agreement prioritizes requests and ensures delivery of projects and work scope to service level agreement by consistently checking spend and achievements. Our teams work to the highest standards of safety and quality, ensuring facilities’ production processes remain at the required regulatory standard. This provides the manufacturer with greater operational control and a consistent level of operational delivery.

4.Uphold Flexibility 


Outsourcing allows operations, that have cyclical demands, to bring in additional resources when required and the manufacturer can release these resources when things slow down again which maintains an organizations flexibility. The time and costs which are associated with bringing on new employees are significantly reduced and absorbed by the outsourced partner, these costs include:

  • Recruitment
  • Selection
  • Onboarding
  • Healthcare and other benefits
  • Payroll taxes

5. Reduce the risk of substandard operations


Periods of high employee turnover can add uncertainty and inconsistency to business operations. Outsourcing provides a level of continuity and reduces the risk of substandard levels of operation. An outsourced resource technical contractor can provide staff well-versed in the usage of the most current technology, without the need for the organization to provide additional training to in-house employees or absorb the cost of acquisition of the technology/equipment.

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