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5 Business Benefits An Accredited Calibration Laboratory Provides


Regardless of what product you manufacture, you need to have absolute confidence in the integrity of your measurement instrumentation. Even the smallest of variances can cause significant quality issues, cost over-runs – or both. This is why it’s so vitally important to be able to call on the services of a calibration laboratory, which can either calibrate the equipment directly in the lab, or alternately calibrate the test equipment used to calibrate these instruments onsite. It’s important to understand the distinction between accredited and non-accredited calibration laboratories at this stage, as there are major differences in the quality and accuracy of the service you receive. Among the key additional benefits which an accredited laboratory can provide are the following:

1. Higher standard of Calibration

Becoming an accredited laboratory involves undergoing a highly demanding process of developing and implementing a quality management system that complies with the ISO 17025 standard. This standard demands an extremely high level of competency from the laboratory, and focuses on its equipment, its procedures and its people.

2. Technically Accurate

Calling on the services of an accredited laboratory means that you can have greater confidence in the accuracy levels of the calibrations, and that each one has been tried, tested and verified. These calibrations are audited extensively by stringent technical assessors, which means that the level of calibration you’re buying from the laboratory is actually delivered to the highest standard.

3. Audited

When you choose an accredited calibration laboratory such as LotusWorks, you have the added confidence of knowing that it has been audited by an independent accreditation body such as INAB (Irish National Accreditation Body).

4.Cost Reduction

When you use an accredited laboratory, you have the peace of mind of knowing that it has been audited by an independent accreditation body to the ISO 17025 standard. This means that that you save significantly by eliminating the need for your own auditing costs.

5. Control & Tracking

LotusWorks calibration laboratory offers an exceptional level of control. Not only do we ensure that all instruments are calibrated in a controlled environment, but we can also track the instruments for the client once they leave our facility – providing an additional layer of confidence in the accuracy of your instrumentation.

The bottom line is that an accredited calibration laboratory has a significantly greater level of integrity than its non-accredited counterpart, as it is recognized and vetted by an independent accreditation body in terms of its competence to deliver the highest standards of calibration service. This third party accreditation gives you the confidence that the laboratory can deliver the precise level of calibration that is published in their scope of accreditation. See our accreditation scope registration #277C

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